LabHEAT® Control system KM-RPL4/4004 *for industrial mantles

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LabHEAT® Control system KM-RPL4/4004 for industrial heating mantles with 4 heating zones, main switch, 4 power control units with control lamp - allows a power adjustment of each heating zone. Each heating zone of the industrial heating mantle is monitored and controlled by a digital electronic temperature controller. In case one of a sensor is interrupted, the corresponding heating zone switches off. To control the medium temperature, an additional electronic temperature controller is built in, which must be connected via a Lemo socket on the reverse side of the device with a Pt-100 temperature sensor. The heating mantle and temperature sensor are connected via a multiple-pin connector plug, nominal power of each heating zone 2300 W, 2,0 m supply (earthed) cable with 5-pole CEE plug/16 A, nominal voltage 230 V / 400 V.
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