LabHEAT® Industrial heating mantle KM-TG5-760 200 litres

LabHEAT® Industrial heating mantle KM-TG5-760 200 litres
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LabHEAT® Industrial heating mantle KM-TG5-760 for large spherical vessel 200 Liter Volume Ø 760 mm, flexible glass yarn heating element with built-in NiCr-Ni temperature sensor in the lower heating zone, outer jacket in glass cloth with four movable threaded bolts, bottom-outlet must be specified by customer, nominal power 9000 W, 3 heating zones, max. heating element temperature 450 °C, 3,0 m power supply (earthed) cable with 16-pole industry plug for connecting to our control systems, nominal voltage 230 V / 400 V AC. *** Special design -in waterproof construction or in stainless steel housing - available on request. We also produce industrial heating mantles with temperature sensors in all heating zones for cylindrical and flange vessels and also for heating explosive or highly inflammable media.
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