Anilinhydrochlorid krist.

Toxic Corrosive Dangerous to health harmful to the environment

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Anilinhydrochlorid krist.
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Anilinhydrochlorid krist.
Inhalt: 50 g
H-Sätze: H301,H311,H331,H317,H318,H341,H351,H372,H400
P-Sätze: p273,P280,P302+P352,P304+340,P305+P351+P388,P309+P310
Signalwort: Gefahr
CAS-Nr: 142-04-1
UN-Nr: 1548
(-) Technical data:
CAS-Nummer: 142-04-1
(-) Security-related data:
GHS Nummer: GHS06
GHS Nummer: GHS05
GHS Nummer: GHS08
GHS Nummer: GHS09
Signaalwoord: Danger
H-zinnen: H301,H311,H331,H317,H318,H341,H351,H372,H400
P-zinnen: p273,P280,P302+P352,P304+340,P305+P351+P388,P309+P310
UN-nummer: 1548
(-) Export-related data:
Douanenummer: 29214100 Niet in de actuele lijst
Land van oorsprong: Germany