2-Way Stopcocks PTFE/PTFE-GF, PTFE, with glass-fibre rei

2-Way Stopcocks PTFE/PTFE-GF, PTFE, with glass-fibre rei
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2-way stopcock with straight bore and two connections or 3-way stopcock with T-shaped bore and three connections, with nuts made of glass-fibre reinforced PTFE for connecting tubing or tube. Conical stopcock plug, tightness is increased by turning the nut on the lower side. 3-way stopcock plug with T-shaped mark of flow direction. Universal chemical resistance, the flowing product is only exposed to PTFE., Abmessungen: 2-Wege/2-way, Bore shape stopcock I, Bore dia. mm 2, For tubing O.D. mm 4, Thread M 14 x 2, Outer dimensions L x D x H mm 59 x 22 x 53
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Materiaal: PTFE
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