Micro tubes 0.5 mL, clear, sterile, bag, 5 x 1000 pcs.

Micro tubes 0.5 mL, clear, sterile, bag, 5 x 1000 pcs.
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Effortless and secure handling - ergonomic cap design with hinge orientation nibs (1.5 mL / 2.0 mL and safe click lock, allowing an easy and secure opening and closing of the tube / bottom and capp have no sharp points, gloves will not be damaged / cap of the tube is puncturable
Quick and simple volume check - tubes are equipped with precise graduation marks / 1.5 mL tube with 0.2 mL extra space and 0.5 mL tube with 0.1 mL extra space for freezing / boiling purposes
Easy sample identification - frosted marking area for easy labeling
Optical measurement and unsurpassed clarity
Elimination of contamination and loss of sample - high quality raw material meets standars of purity and is highly resistant to mechanical strain and has an excellent chemical resistance
Centrifuge specifications - up to 20.000 x g - 0.5 mL tube up to 25.000 x g - 1.5 mL / 2.0 mL tube
Maintain sample integrity - sterile version available
Sterile handling - micro tubes are autoclavable (opened 121 °C / 12 min)
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Nominaal volume: 500 µl
Netto gewicht: 4 kg
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