SONOREX DIGITEC DT 1028 F Ultrasonic bath 5,8 liter

SONOREX DIGITEC DT 1028 F Ultrasonic bath 5,8 liter
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High performance ultrasonic cleaner with heating for use in the practice, laboratory and workshop.

The proven and particularly robust SONOREX ultrasonic baths clean thoroughly and gently by means of intensive cavitation bubbles, even in the hard-to-reach areas of the objects to be cleaned.

A user-friendly and easy-to-wipe button control allows easy adjustment of the cleaning duration and bath temperature.

The remaining cleaning time as well as the current setpoint and actual value of the bath temperature can be clearly read on the display.
The fully automatic SweepTec function prevents standing waves in the ultrasonic field and achieves a particularly even cleaning. The degassing function (Degas), which can be activated at the beginning of the cleaning process, further enhances the cleaning effect of the ultrasound.

Suitable baskets, Lids and cleaning and disinfection concentrates are available as accessories for optimally matched ultrasonic cleaning. Internal dimensions l × w × d: 500 x 300 x 65 mm, Mains supply: 230 V EU-Plug
(-) Technische informatie:
Benoeming producttype: SONOREX DIGITEC DT 1028 F
Geregistreerd handelsmerk: SONOREX®
Nominaal volume: 5,8 l
Ultrasonic nominal power : 320 W
Ultrasoon vermogen: 1,28 kW
Volume akoestisch recipiënt: 9,5 l
Lengte: 535 mm
Badvolume: 9 l
Lengte werkruimte: 500 mm
Spanningsbron: 230 V AC
Netto gewicht: 11,8 kg
Breedte: 325 mm
Hoogte: 205 mm
User Interface: Membrane keyboard
Maximale bewegingsfrequentie: 2100000 upm
Breedte werkruimte: 300 mm
Diepte werkruimte: 205 mm
(-) Export-related data:
Douanenummer: 84798997 Details
Land van oorsprong: Germany
Regio van oorsprong: Berlijn
Bruto gewicht: 15,973 kg
Dubbel gebruik verklaring: Nee
Breedte verpakking: 0,66 m
Hoogte verpakking: 0,46 m
Diepte verpakking: 0,455 m
Volume verpakking: 0,138138 m³


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