Mechanical Scale, TJ611

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Readability (d) 0,1g, Capacity 610g. The notched and tiered beams provide for easy reading of measurement results. Prevent theft and accidental dropping by securing the balance to a desk or bench top with the security loop or Kensington-type lock (sold separately). The zero adjust compensator ensures the balance is at zero and weighing results will be accurate. All the Benefits of a Triple Beam, Just for Younger Students!
Description waarde
Benoeming producttype: TJ611
Weegbereik uitvoering: Enkele schaal
Maximale belasting: 610 g
Resolutie: 100 mg
Diameter weegpan: 150 mm
Netto gewicht: 2,25 kg
Breedte: 540 mm
Diepte: 600 mm
Hoogte: 450 mm
EAN Code: 6971629532590
Description waarde
Douanenummer: 8423812900
Land van oorsprong: China
Bruto gewicht: 2,25 kg
Description waarde
WEEE obligation: Ja
WEEE registration number: DE 95428589