BOD Measurement Device BD600 GLP

BOD Measurement Device BD600 GLP
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Respirometric measuring system optimized for biodegradability tests under GLP conditions

The BD600 is a respirometric system for the determination of Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD). Save time, reduce the potential for errors and easily interpret data to help make process control decisions for your plant. The BD600 is the ideal system for process control or as a secondary test to the Dilution Method. Using a respirometric system solves many of the issues associated with the dilution method for BOD analysis. Significantly Reduced Sample Preparation It's easy to begin collecting data - simply add sample to the bottle, add nitrification inhibitor and place the sensor head on the bottle. There is no need for sample dilutions or seeding the sample. Because this is a respirometric test, concerns regarding air in the sample are eliminated. Operators do not have to be present at completion of test Measurements are automatically taken and stored at regular time intervals and can be recalled at your convenience - no more weekend trips to the lab or plant! Easy and quick interpretation of measurement values In addition to displaying results of a sample directly in mg/l BOD, the large, integrated, display is able to display the BOD curve which makes it is easy to see and understand measurement data points and trends. In addition, each sensor head has an integrated LED. This allows operators to visually confirm which sample the data is being displayed for and reduces potential confusion or errors over which sample data is presented Consistent Measurement Conditions The Automatic Start Function ensures all measurements are taken at an equal sample temperature. When the measurement conditions are consistent across readings, operators do not have to work about temperature or pressure fluctuations skewing results. Sample Identification and Tracking The BD600 interface, makes it easy to assign an identification code or sample name when setting up a new sample. This helps track a sample from the time it is collected and ensures traceability during sample measurement. Use the remote control If using an incubator with a glass door, operators can use the supplied remote control to display measurement data for a sample - without even opening the door! This further ensures that samples stay at a consistent temperature which is essential to accurate results.
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