BOD measurement system BD 606, with 12 sample system

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The Lovibond® sensor system BD606 is a 12 sample system that allows precise measurements of BOD based on the manome- tric principle. Manometric respirometers relate oxygen uptake to the change in pressure caused by oxygen consumption while maintaining a constant volume. Due to the modern integral pressure sensors, it is not necessary to use mercury for the measurements. Highlights: user friendly, Large, illuminated & brilliant graphic display, Graphical representation of measured values, USB & SD Card data transfer, Mercury-free,environmentally-friendly, Remote control, User-selectable time span from 1 to 28 days, Free individual programming of each of the six samples, Inductive stirring system, 100 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz, Maintenance-free and non-wearing, Regular change in stirring speed, Automatic centering of stirring rods, No mechanical components in the stirring system Technical data: Ranges: 0-40, 0-80, 0-200, 0-400, 0-800, 0-2000, 0-4000 mg/l; Interfaces: USB host port (USB stick), USB device port (computer), SD card; Auto result storage: Up to 672 results, depending on measurement period Applications: Waste Water, Determination of Biological Activity, Waste Water Treatment Plants, Analytical Laboratories, Scientific & Research
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Magnetic stirring rod Stirring rod, 1 piece

Rubber gasket Rubber gasket, 4.5 cm

BOD sample bottle BOD sample bottle, brown glass, 500 ml

BOD Sample flasks Brown glass, 6 bottles, 500 ml

Complete set Overflow flasks Complete set Overflow flasks: 428ml, 360ml, 244ml, 157ml, 94ml, 56ml...

Potassium hydroxide solution 45% Potassium hydroxide solution 45%, 50 ml

Nitrification Inhibitor Nitrification inhibitor, 50 ml

Magnetic stirring rod remover Magnetic stirring rod remover, lenght 305 mm

System check Test set, BOD CM test tablets, box with 10 tablets

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